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Yesterday I was reading a news item at Rediff titled “India of 2009 is not India of 1962” by NSA Narayanan. I could not stop myself from commenting on the write up. Normally I avoid posting comment on any write up sometimes it’s difficult to understand what is going on in comments made and certainly more difficult is putting an effort to moderate it. Therefore, I prefer my blog for it, but then I made some comments on the same news item page at Rediff and the URL of the same being – I would love to share the same with my Blog audience and community.

Sometimes I feel fed up of these focused, enlightened, individuals and intellectuals; who prefer getting dressed as a horse before pulling cart or to say to comment on any topic. I think they do not understand the gravity of their comments.

Emergence of New World Order in Process

Emergence of New World Order in Process

I request you not to forget that in India the parties have their symbols registered with Election Commission, as India still has a vast population of Illiterates. Who often get into rumors and get mis-guided like few of missiles produced at our western neighborhood manufacturing plant .

Coming back on discussion, I would like to add, that being focused is good but this renders Horse devoid of the capability, naturally gifted to the creature by creator, i.e., circular and some side vision. The same has probably happened to these learned and enlightened individuals.

Today while flipping pages of The Hindu newspaper I got a chance to lay my hands on a write up done by a former diplomat of India Mr. M. K. Bhadrakumar titled ‘Who Stands to Gain from War Hysteria?’

Now here, I repost the points jotted at Rediff page as comments:

1. Are they looking at this issues as trivial border incidences as routine?

—The same happened during the time to which Nehru belong and probably that is why he is listed as one who helped in shaping today’s China.

Power Changing Skin - World in Transition

Power Changing Skin - World in Transition

2. Can they have a peep at it from the perspectives as detailed hereunder:

    1. Global Governance and not just International Relations
    2. In context Emerging Architecture of a Unipolar World without any yet decided poles.
    3. A new world structure taking birth due to virtual collapse of USA and real collapse of its economy.

3. I will just add, ‘Be Aware – There Would Not be Any Mercy in present Fight:

    1. Fight to Conquer Economic Imperialism and Emerging Markets’
    2. The same may lead to World War III but in vein, i.e. without accruing any benefit to any party in war.

To Mr. M. K. Bhadrakumar, I would like to say that it’s only one undoubted, clear and earmarked party which is going to be benefited by war hysteria between India and China. It’s no surprise that the name of the party is United States of America [tomorrow you may call it Disunited States of America (DSA)] if this grim situation continues. Speaking a lie thousand times will not make it truth as talks of economic recovery of west are farce. They make me doubt that, what their definition of democracy is, in the far West.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Heads of State Cheering as Future Belongs to Them

Heads of State Cheering as Future Belongs to Them

I, for many reasons known to me, foresee an alliance emerging between India & China to protect International Trade & Global Governance.

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