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Daily Archives: January 14, 2010

Live and Performing – Back on the Stage – After a Three Day Absence

I am again back on my blog with a new post, just to acknowledge that I, after a week full of hectic actions, some of social and developmental nature and some others of personal orientation, I am back on my blog. Let me tell you that I was really missing the company of my friendship and professional relations nurtured via this virtual interface amongst me and you. Some how, strange are the happenings, as to me, while being aware of it having the virtual nature, to me it looks as real as sharing my feelings, ideas or whatever I feel like sharing with you, like having a face to face conversation across the table.

Let me, reveal, that it’ s makes me feel  privileged to be lucky enough to get a chance to interact with a Global Audience. I am thankful to the individuals having devoted their life to make the communication technologies converge together, of which, luckily enough, I too have been a part somewhere, but small enough, not worth being noticeable or discussed in details here.

In brief I would certainly like to make a mention on as to what specifically I was working upon. Since I am not blessed enough to be expert at all domains of learning, I give the credit to my curious nature and to think wild enough (that makes people around me, not to take me seriously and dub as whatever word on negative side you can use to, dub a professor), as I was trying to find the connecting link between Classical Physics and Quantum Physics with respect to Godel’s Theorem of Approximation. As this was the only unexplained plane where I, in theoretical research, saw any concept leaving the orbit of certainty and escaping successfully to enter the orbit of uncertainty. I am not aware, as this concept sounds sense to the experts in the area or not. But probably this hypothesis can be given a test. I am positive that probably if taken seriously, we will certainly witness the phenomenon termed as ‘Artficial Intelligence’ turning a reality’ in a bigger manner than expected.

Anyway, due to the reasons of me not being an expert in this domain, i.e., time and physics, I close this particular sessions here itself, as I know that to the experts of the field I have given enough hints to consider, evaluate or not to evaluate this hypothesis.


——————–Alway’s Yours as Usual —- Saurabh Singh, Pantnagar, INDIA

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