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Cover Page of New Book Authored

My audiences would probably be happy to have a look on the  ‘Cover Page’ of Book Titled “Stock Market Returns of Three Asian Giants: India, China & Japan” with Sub- Title ‘Interplay of Macro Economic Forces’. The book has been authored by the blogger and another colleague of his from the academic fraternity.

As emerging new global order was very much visible from 2000 onwards, thus the ground work for this publication was completed in Year 2005 itself and the same got recorded in University Database. Due to the rush and crowd available with major publishers, the first research paper in print is expected within a couple of months.

Probably the duration of work being completed in year 2005 will be claimed with support of University Database.

Cover Page Picture of Book Titled Stock Market Returns of Three Asian Giants : India China & Japan

Cover Page of Book Titled "Stock Market Returns of Three Asian Giants : India China & Japan"


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