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Plane with 152 onboard crashes near Islamabad

A Pakistani passenger plane from private company Airblue on Wednesday crashed into hills behind the capital Islamabad, where smoke and flames were seen rising through heavy clouds, police said.

Initial reports suggested that all passengers and crew members (152) are feared dead.

It was not immediately clear how many people were on board. Thick smoke could be seen rising from between the trees on the Margalla Hills on the edge of Islamabad, according to media reports.

“We have reports that the plane fell into the Margalla Hills. There is smoke, but we have not been able to reach there. It is surrounded by the hills and there is no road access,” police official Sayed Subhan.

“We have reports that it was a private Airblue airline plane,” he said.

It was also reported that rescue operations were hampered due to bad weather.

Latter Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority Spokesman Pervez George said that 146 passengers and a six-member crew were on board the plane.

Islamabad has been hit by heavy rains for the past few days and the city was covered by fog and low-lying clouds. Civil aviation officials said the aircraft had disappeared from radar screens shortly before the crash was reported.

The crash occurred in an area that is not accessible by roads or trials. Rescue workers said they were facing problems in approaching the crash site. The heavy rains too were hampering rescue efforts, they said.

Footage aired on TV news channels showed white smoke rising from the thick forests in the Margalla Hills.

I pray to God that be enough merciful and let the search teems find as many survivors as possible. The nice human beings who in this incident departed their home planet, may god shower peace to their souls in heaven.

Always Your —————- As Usual—————–Saurabh Singh
[For more details please catch up with Pakistani Media and Authorities.]


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