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Sometimes it seems these days, as if Parliament were a Church, the Speaker as its Head Priest and the Public Address System Microphones embed on desks of Members of Parliament were Confession Box, and probably all who have assembled there are sinners waiting for their chance at Confession Box.

What worth the confession would remain if it fails in bringing turnaround in the value system of the confessor toward Holy Principles and pious way of leading life?

Despite of Confession Chavan still remains the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Why the investigators from CBI, or any other organ of government discharging similar function, are not interrogating him to unravel the Consideration for which he became a party to misguiding the Prime Minister’s Office, Prime Minister, Home Minister and Leader of Opposition.

Perhaps any individual may agree that this event is no less than Treason to Nation and in eyes of law same is punishable by Life Imprisonment or Capital Punishment. Without trying to take side of any party, it can be inferred that crime, if any, committed by Binayak Sen of lesser degree as compared to this event. Here, efforts were to make a proven corrupt as Chief Officer to take care of corrupt officers and bring them to law of land.

It would had been better if Thomas before taking the Oath as CVC would had made a self confession. As taking oath and then being seated on chair means that he was still going cheat all possible. Yesterday it was Palmolein other day it may have been security of Prime Minister, Leader of Congress, Leader of Opposition or even Nation. He would certainly have prepared a thorough Price List before joining the office.

Perhaps we all have made a habbit of being effort oriented and not result oriented. If the things have to move in right direction, this orientation will have to change.

Always your — As Usual– Saurabh Singh



  1. tskraghu March 16, 2011 at 9:45 PM

    I must confess my impressions are based on only what I read in the newspapers. Frankly one doesn’t know what to believe.

  2. tskraghu March 9, 2011 at 8:03 PM

    Aren’t we going a bit overboard here? I understand the person who brought this out himself has said Thomas was a clean guy personally. A subsequent report said, he merely expedited the imports fearing shortage in the state and public inconvenience. Yes, nondisclosure itself was a lapse. Is it a case of hounding an official for showing initiative?

    K raghunathan

    • Administration & Management March 11, 2011 at 5:14 PM

      Dear Mr. K. Raghunathan
      Thanks for taking time out and sharing your feelings. Perhaps you seem to be better informed on the event. The act of hounding for taking initiative as mentioned by you, I can fully understand.I find myself normally in such situations very often. I have learned that you could be punished only if you perform the assigned job and on the other side if you do not do anything, none can punish you. Anyway Such write ups burst out not due to any single issue, but may tend to seem targeting one. Look at events, starting from 2010 onwards there are many viz 2G spectrum scam, Adarsh Housing Society scam, Commonwealth Games Scandal, Satyam scandal and now it seems Naveen Patnaik too [read Pulse Scam], and more of the sort. it gives a clear impression that none from top to bottom is in control of anything. The System is moving on its own, no-body seems to be steering it. Efforts should be then targeted towards converting it in Cybernetic System. Thanks.
      Saurabh Singh

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