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Draft Lokpal Bill Ready for Consultation with Citizen of India – Comments Requested

The drafting of the Jan Lokpal bill, which is to be finalized by June 30th, 2011, is underway. You can play your part in this historic moment by giving your invaluable comments/suggestions about the different provisions in the draft of the Jan Lokpal bill which will make it the effective, accountable and independent anti-corruption body that India needs right now. Otherwise, it will remain a law which exists only on paper and has no impact on the ground. Please provide your comments. The provisions and options for submitting comments are as detailed below:

  • Online : To fill your comments directly in the form on the Website it hosted Click Here
  • Email : Send us an email at
  • Postal mail : Mail your comments to the following address
        Lokpal Bill Public Consultation
        A-119, Kaushambi
        Ghaziabad – 201010

To download the Full Text Draft of Jan Lokpal Bill Version 2.2 Click Here 

To download English Summary of Jan Lokpal Bill version 2.2 Click Here

[To Read These Documents You Will Require a Adobe Reader. It can be downloaded free from Adobe’s Website]

Your Participation is must…..Do not forego such Options…..This will help in bringing Good governance.

Expecting your full hearted participation…As it is basically non participation of learned and intelligence Citizen which Force Gifts a  Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly, who may not be most competent of all who are contesting polls. So, please let not the same happen again, and prove this by submitting your Comments or at least even by glancing through it.

Always Yours — As Usual — Saurabh Singh

One response to “Draft Lokpal Bill Ready for Consultation with Citizen of India – Comments Requested

  1. S.C.Maria Leo May 30, 2011 at 5:39 PM

    As suggested or planned to merge CBI, CVC with Jan Lokpal, I feel it is appropriate to merge even the Information Commissions too as it would help to collect first required information and thereby step up to prove the abetment to corruption or slackness of officials who do not indulge in carrying out their duties properly or cause obstacle to bring out expected results by any ordinary man from the government departments. Consequent upon Anna Hazare movem ent, I have been seeing the information commissioners are showing much enthusiasm in giving out decisions that would help the applicant/appellant. Recently one of the Information Commissioner directly uttered that she is there to speak for PIO and abruptly closed down the case without giving me a proper opportunity to establish that concerned PIO was hiding information or furnishing a false information. There are many cases in which she never taken any action for delayed action or against false infomration. This has resulted to see the officers are turning back to the same old system of no boetheration for anything. In one of the case she condemned the applicant though there were no full complements of information against the application and there was no proper reply. Hence it is necessary to make a meaningful Lokpal bill that information commission is also included so that a meaningful and helpul working towards preventing corruption can be brought out.

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