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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year – 2013

Greetings on Christmas and New Year 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 to all the Audiences of This Blog

On this Eve of Christmas I wish you Merry Christmas and A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2013 Ahead. I also thank you for being on my side that made year 2012 a great and memorable year for me.

I want and expect to be permitted to enter in this New Year  and the coming ones too with you always being on my side. Expecting Your Continued Patronage.

Always Yours —  As Usual–Saurabh Singh


Relationship Marketing in Retailing

Wishing One & All Happy Celebrations at Start of Harvest Season: Call it by Any Name

Wishing One & All Happy Celebrations at Start of Harvest Season: Call it by Any Name : Lohri or Pongal


Lohri & pongal Wishes by Saurabh Singh

Lohri & Pongal Celebrations


I greet my Audiences; Fans; Passing By Visitors; Learneds or known by any other name at Transition of Time to a New Year of New Decade of Very Young Century

I am thankful for and to my audiences who have managed to see my traffic grow through 2009 till date being a digit containing many firsts  in a way, really, it is 01.01.11,  and have been uncaring for Charges by their service providers.

Let me promise you that in the coming year too, my efforts will still be focused on maintaining a mature communication and relation with you and at the same time all efforts would be made to keep the same advertisement free, till the same can be afforded by me under my resources and with help of service providers.




It has been my wish that till possible the domain of knowledge should be kept a bit away from market and commerce. At the same time it should not be demeaned by attaching some material value to it. Knowledge is not something to be traded and neither Professors or Gurus are Traders.  Normally they happen to be much detached from material things. Society should by itself  create a provision where, its the society which is responsible for their needs and should try execute their words in spirits.

This feeling is being aired even after being fully aware of the fact, that market and commerce are two potent forces that give birth to objectives, which  humans strive to achieve, as they think  it as something worth achieving, and thus remain objective less life long. However these happen to be nothing else  but illusions.

Probably due to these reasons academic institutions are planned at place far away from town or city area, so that interaction with material forces can be minimized to the least possible levels.

Any individual only worried to get the show going with no attachment  to value System can only be called a common man; a  man attached to material pleasures just like other men can only be called a tutor and not professor.

I am not seeking any donation till I am able to support it by myself and from my pocket. I also have faith on good number of  individuals who like me would pour after pooling in all possible resources to make it happen like this only.  This is must, just due to the reasons that I want to see truth and freedom co – exist; irrespective of my existence.

I am just trying to stand upright on a  Grave yard of Academics called University in My Language or the language of people who interact with same domain.

One more card wishing you all a new year with few of my affiliations shown on it.


A New Year Wish Card

Wishing You all a Happy MMXI or (II)XI or 2011

I would love to make any inquisitive know what I mean

—–but is any one interested to learn.

Happy New Year 2011


Always Yours —-As Usual ——Saurabh Singh

[In the mean time I have received a lot of mails wishing to know my profile; so I have decided put one soon on Page Titled About]



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