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Will Inflation Turn in Gamble in Fortune by Farmers

I was going through an article published in Sunday Economic Times [May 01, 2011 to be precise] which was titled “Will inflation turn out to be a game-changer in India?”

It was nicely crafted and argued article by T K Arun, and all the arguments look relatively on rational side, but I have my apprehensions, which may be dubbed as irrational or idiotic.  But I feel like sharing.  The below is article I am talking about.

Will inflation turn out to be a game-changer in India?

If the RBI decides its foremost task is to stamp out inflation, never mind if it flattens the growth rate also in the process, that would be change we don’t want. However, inflation can also drastically change the rural landscape, boosting farm output and delivering millions out of poverty-provided the right policy initiatives are forthcoming.

Inflation is driven by, even if not confined to, food, particularly superior food: vegetables, egg, meat, milk, fish and lentils, vegetables and protein, in other words. Nor is this confined to India. Over the past 10 years, the least developed countries as a group have grown at an average rate of 7% a year. All of them witness a spurt in the demand for food. And for a variety of reasons ranging from prolonged drought to excessive rains, supplies have been disrupted, raising food prices across the board. Of course, the huge expansion in liquidity unleashed by the US and other developed countries, pumping speculative capital into all commodity markets, adding a thick layer of froth to the real pressures pushing prices upwards, plays its role as well. The net result: Thomas Malthus, who made the dire but fortunately erroneous forecast that the human race would proliferate faster than food production can grow, is back in fashion.

Beating Malthus is fait accompli. People not only have proliferated with abandon but also enjoy ever-improving standards of living, instead of straining hollow eyes into a darkening future of dwindling food supplies. However, beating Malthus promises to rise as a fresh challenge, an enormously profitable one. India has varied agroclimatic regions, capable of producing a great variety of crops. The challenge is to harness the potential and boost India’s farm output to feed not just a burgeoning India but also the rest of the world. It looks daunting but is, in fact, eminently doable.

Agricultural economist Ashok Gulati reports that the largest boost to farm income comes from investment in rural roads compared to other forms of agri-related investment. This offers a key insight that our policymaking obsession with the technical means of raising yields has ignored: farm production, too, is determined by the market. If you provide farmers easier access to markets for farm inputs and output, they would make use of that access to raise output and incomes. If the best seeds and fertiliser boost production in an interior village which cannot evacuate the surplus harvest to a market outside, the only result of the surplus would be to depress local prices and farmers’ incomes. On the other hand, if farmers can take their produce to buyers outside, their income would amplify.

A primitive system of state-mandated monopoly denies Indian farmers the freedom of choice in whom they sell to. The Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee Act must be scrapped. An organised, efficient supply chain must link farmers with urban consumers. This is what organised retail would do, if it is allowed to. Amul achieved this in the case of milk. New farmers companies or cooperatives should now be catalysed to accomplish this for other produce.

Observation of and by Blogger:

Please do not get surprised as reality is rarely known. People know, what I will call as a sucessfull propaganda, turning in Fad, leading to creation of a Mirage which looks like a Panacea to a very long [nearly seeming to be perpetual] Problematic Issue.

These days every body keeps talking about what ever he/ she feels will sell, without any consideration on its merit. Be it Organic Farming, Growing Jatropa for Bio fuel, Setting up of private mandies or scrapping of APMC Act.

Would someone like to comment on the situation that forced a Nation’s Goverment and its legislatures to formulate, pass and implement APMC Act, that today every one says should be scraped.

Inplace of just talking of implementing what the columnist T K Arun has argued in his article “Will Inflation Turn Out to be A Game Changer in India”; I would like to take my audiences a step ahead and deliberate on one of such models.

On the same lines as mentioned in paragraph above lets have some discussion on a very popular model — Acclaimed by Corporates as a Great Success Story. I do not think that every individuals who talks about it and considers it as a success has gone deeper in search of reality. So here it starts:

E – Choupal of ITC

Widely acclaimed as an ICT success story, it typifies the complete corporatization of the social enterprise model.

An initiative seeking to become the Wal-Mart of rural India, e-Choupal is a gateway to an expanding spectrum of  commodities leaving farms and also selling to rural India urban oriented goods and services like FMCG, consumer durables and insurance services (Gurumurthy, 2009; Prahalad, 2006).

Based on a business model providing connectivity and services to a closed network of farmers through an entrepreneur whose role, interestingly, is projected by ITC as a “public office”, e-Choupal exemplifies the win-win problematique (Gurumurthy, 2009; Prahalad, 2006).

However a closer study of the model, from a development perspective, unpacking the socio-politics of the e-Choupal ecosystem, indicates a monopolistic control over the entire local agriculture ecology by a transnational corporation through the use of a captive ICT infrastructure, with minimal regulation and competition.

The e-Choupal hubs serve as sales outlets for agriculture and other products and services. Cutting off alternative systems, local middlemen and government services, e-Choupal locks in a large number of farmers into its network.

While the project has resulted in some increase in rural agricultural incomes through privatization driven efficiency improvements in the supply chain, e-Choupal underscores ‘trickle-down’ and individual enterprise at the village levels (Gurumurthy, 2009; Prahalad, 2006).

The average village shopkeeper/entrepreneur is bound to get affected as local demand for goods and services shifts to ITC and Choupal sagars. Needless to mention livelihood of traders/middlemen whose livelihood has been squelched through this model.

Further, the ‘DNA’ profile of the farmers acquired during the registration of e-Choupals has allowed ITC to determine and understand their buying behavior very closely.

This has allowed targeting, positioning and delivering goods and services to match their needs and wants continuously, succinctly called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in marketing parlance.

This makes them more vulnerable to a shift from the present more or less sustainable existence to materialistic consumerism. Little awareness of their (farmer’s) rights may not guarantee total protection of the database and its unethical usage. This is where the government is expected to protect its citizens from such transactions.

However, the government has been changing slowly but surely towards a free market economy.

[The blogger, here is not arguing against or in favour of India moving towards a market economy. The above discussed issue has to do with not only business but ethics, morale, privacy, awareness and many other social issues.]

The information above has been picked from a Research Paper Titled E – Choupal – Hope or Hype. The Same can be accessed by Clicking here. ]

The Rest of the article continues……

Farmers require investment in infrastructure, not subsidy. Politics must shed its love for doling out subsidy and invest massively in harnessing water, roads, power and scientific storage of farm produce.

Policy must change, too, in allowing farmers access to global markets. The short-term distress this creates would be more than removed by the rise in incomes and employment that would result.

Farming would cease to be a punishment and become the biggest fighter against poverty. Inflation is indeed a horse that India’s beggars could ride their way out of poverty

Always Yours — As Usual — Saurabh Singh

Happy Holi to All who by Design or Accident Visit this Page…suppoted by a small deliberation on ‘We’or ‘You’


Human Body in itself has a few limitations only but the opportunities possessed by it are numerous. Yet we find ourselves crowded with fears of sufferings, few of which are like wearing out of body [in language of accounting, the process is known as depreciation, i.e., loss in value of an asset due to wear and tear], aging [not in positive terms of learning by curiosity supported by experience leading to enlightenment but as increase in rate of catabolism over anabolism], sickness [as compared to not sending the vehicle to servicing when due] and fear [whereas it’s a clear fact that out of hundred per cent events that you fear may happen, out of them eighty per cent never happen in your life time Pareto’s law].

In all this we tend to forget on what should have been central to our existence, that is, our quest for creativity, curiosity, freedom, enlightenment and probably salvation. We get attached to what in real sense we cannot withhold due to being mortals.  At other times we are busy thinking that we happen to be CEO or this world [which itself is an Illusion] and have responsibility to solve all issues, except for which we are responsible and accountable. We are aware of all the mis-deeds committed by other and seem to be doing same when it’s our turn. Why do we want to correct all except us who happens to be at the pivot of all problematic issues.

Buy my words, and correct yourself, and I assure you of a better world that you will enter into, much better than the imagination that you might have about heaven. The elements of nature are here to provide a synergistic relationship, the moment you focus on changing yourself towards better. These elements make the life possible on earth. Never try to deceive them, as they individually have power, to make life extinct from the planet. These elements as per my limited awareness happen to be five as mentioned ahead: (i): Sky; (ii): Earth; (iii): Air; (iv): Water; and (v): Fire.

Think on facts and you can really be rewarded by not alone creating a new you but altogether a new world.  Remember that you are not mortal as soul, it your physical body that is mortal. You should be aware of the fact that, you may lose your mortal body by passage of time but not you. It’s simply like changing cloths, you are assured of getting a new mortal body, so keep on working towards good cause, not due to fear of being sent to hell but due to fact that within some time you will revisit the planet with new body. It’s just like going for a while to buy new cloths. What you have created will there when you come back [creation here means the contribution you made to this world where life exists]. While performing some task do not be attached with results basically material ones, may be they are there waiting for you when you revisit. In simple terms do remember that your body is nothing more than an illusion.

The fact that you are soul within your body and not the body itself should be remembered by you, even in most testing times. It is energy inside that makes life possible and not the physical body. If you start lacking energy or soul your body will not come to rescue.

If you are fearful of aging, please buy my words, time has never been enemy to anyone, irrespective of anything. It has been the directed efforts of individuals, societies, or nations [perhaps unknowingly] that made time their enemy. Time happens to be an artificial quantity. As we all believe or are made to believe that Supreme Power is eternal or resides in eternal plane, would anyone like to tell me that after how many tomorrows that eternal will come. Probably, eternity is never going to come even after infinite tomorrows. To me it seems that you need cross the boundary line that lies between temporal and non temporal world. So, how could an artificial thing be your enemy? You know that time could be suspended or at least manipulated.  Scientifically you would be aware of the fact that people in spacecraft age much slow as compared to their counterparts on the earth. On the other side we have learned the story of saints who used live for thousand years. Perhaps it was a result of their pious soul, will power and mental state that they were capable of suspending the time.

Remember that, as said in earlier paragraph, that it is the pious soul, will power and mental state of individual that can suspend time. On the other side if you get blocked in physical limits of your body and think that your body by itself is a physical object, then you are cooperating with destructive forces like ageing, feeling that change towards better can never happen, while at the same time on opposite extreme you develop a feeling as said earlier that you are eternal along with your body and it is you who is CEO of this world. How do you feel? Are these not the two opposite principle that you are trying to act upon? Take some time and think for and by yourself and let me how much on the wrong side I am.

If you still want to create a new you in you, then please do become conscious that you are not alone the body rather you should believe that body is very insignificant but important thing. Your intentions, thought, feeling which get transferred to brain are there to consequently impact all your cells in the body and also suck the energy out of you. Thus, the option is to have altruistic intentions, act towards minimizing the suffering of the humanity; believe that you are accountable for acts of yours and finally a new you can make a real and significant development on how the life on this planet shapes up. If you are working alone on self interested materialistic objectives alone, then please do not rate you self on the scale of human, lower order animals are much better at it than you. It is the intentions, acts, thought, and attributes like sacrifice, altruism etc that differentiate you from lower order animals.





Telling truth somehow has been found to be a real taxing job. This has been one of the strategic battle fields, in my efforts to remain human, that I am attempting for last four years. Well ! nearly all who made me learn and also those around me who still preach other to practice truth by quoting “Truth Shall Triumph”, have been found lacking by miles when its’ their turn to practice what they preach. The one of the serious problems that I encountered in my attempts to remain human, got born the day I learned and put in practice this teaching of society. As soon as I saw many human beings started to change sides. Why it is so? is still a mystery.

The finding on the same lines is that, since you were not born with all the elements around you, in the sense that they keep on changing, you should not develop attachment to them. This is point where you will find that speaking truth has now turned some what easy.

This learning occurred to me with the learning that I do not have liabilities but responsibilities. Studies, Books and Exploring the Unexplored in this Universe are at times much better company to have. Some times, despite of this, I fear that God may have destined a long life span for me, reason behind this feeling may be assigned to my style of living the life. I will not say that I live life King Size, but then I can very well say that I live life at both extremes and have always attempted to defy the moderate path.

Normally, people pursuing moderate path with unbudgging focus on material and commercial aspect and in a state, which I say as a stage of life long and unending transition, where they are attempting from Third Stage in Maslow’s  Need of Hierarchy to Fourth Stage of same hierarchy.

Alas ! they are not able to complete this transition even at the moment ending their journey of life, but are happy (as they feel) most often with few tense moments at night, also at the same time time suffering with psuedo – achievement syndrom. They continue to live in ‘Gentle Poverty’ [a term coined by author], trying to prove that they are ethical ones, and simultaneously attempting to hide the fact they are neither humans, nor professionals; precisely ‘they can be termed as Selfish’ Creations. They will remain happy and content for nearly one third of their life span, i.e., commercially productive life span and may succeed in developing a false feeling of being content too; but you know that still  one third of their life, that would be less productive phase remains left.

A great Saint and Poet Tulsidaas [who authored Ram Charit Manas and in same] has said that “SABSE BHALE VEH MOORH NAR JINHE NAA VYAPAHIN JAGAT GATI”, when translated in Victorian language, it means that  the “Individual who are not intelligent enough to learn what is happening around the world and lack vision and are living in manner of ‘FUNGI’ are the happiest of all”.

I am also worried more often than not that why such issue get born in my Grey Cells alone. Are others also thinking in the same manner? If yes then why do not act so? I find no answers as the world turns deaf to my question. Its good too, as it provides me chance to analyze the things further.

Some how I land on the conclusion that as life has its strange ways, the god may be having some agenda with him that he may be planning of getting executed by me and thus has given or say gifted or punished by equipping me with this kind of life style and thinking.

People like me probably are not allowed to expect an easy life for them. As such people are supposed to be busy thinking that when so many are there, why it is they alone forced to embark on such path, and are then lost in search of what they are expected to do or what new surprise may spring out of destiny’s lucky dip basket.

Its’ nothing new and finally all ends well. The only difference that is found with passage of time is  that while others find it easy to leave this planet or to say fully vanish with their identities and names within fifty or sixty years of their leaving their mortal bodies, the another kind finds it difficult task to be performmed even after passage of centuries too.

Probably this much gamble is good enough to give you motivation for completing the Journey of life in bit other manner, trying to follow and accompany truth as nearly, as long as possible.

Remember, its only your deeds that can turn you immortal and also that you have been gifted with only one life time to perform the same. No more, no less. “Complaining of not having inherited the fortunes is not a good thing to do, but on the other side do attempt to complete your journey of life leaving others HAPPY & PLANET A BETTER PLACE FOR THEM TO LIVE.”

Always Yours —-  As Usual —–  Saurabh Singh



When the draupadi was being insulted in the court of Kurus, she naturally turned to elder statesman Bhishma, asking that whether the henious act being perpetrated by Duryodhana and Duhshasana was in accordance with dharma.

Bhisma’s reply was evasive..

“..the course of morality is subtle. Even the illustrious wise in this world fail to understand it always. What in this world a strong man calls morality is regarded as such by others, however otherwise it may really be; but what a weak man calls morality is scarcely regarded as such even if it be the highest morality. From the importance of issue involved, from its intricacy and subtitlity, I am unable to answer with certitude the question thou hast asked…”

Source: Sabha Parva, canto 69, verses 15 – 16, Translated by Kisari Mohan Gaunguli

—-Always Yours——————- As Usual—————-Saurabh Singh

A Short Case for Domain of Knowledge Administration Governance & HR Issues in Public Funded Academic Orgs Human Resource, Capacity Building and Ethics being practiced in Public Funded Academic Organizations

An Institution Blessed with All Possible Powers by Destiny – for – Humble Objective of turning Society in to a Value Based, Principled, Ethical besides Providing Knowledge and Skills to Them for Sustaining their Life and be a Law Abiding Citizens.


CASE: Human Resource, Capacity Building and Ethics being Practiced in Public Funded Academic Organizations of Repute : Perhaps Grooming place of Corrupt and Un Ethical Acts: None other Institution alone can Exercise the  vast amount of  Energy required to turn, whole of Working Population, of Any Nation in totality and all alone, on Unrighteous Path.

An individual faculty member of an esteemed academic institution has come to know by discovering some relevant information that a lot of unwanted activities are being executed in the institution she/he serves, and in process she/he was also made to suffer in manner significantly damaging the career of individual. If the same information is disclosed to executives, media or public, the situation may turn more damaging to the individual faculty member itself. The same may happen due to possibility that may be resultant of concerned individuals with the issue may deliberately force the administration by providing it with maligned or forged information, which may make administration believe and consequently  take it as a case of deliberate attempt to malign the image of the Institution. Certainly the act may manifest in causing some dent to image of Institution, but if the problem resolved, will save the institution from a certain death in near future, as the same concerns the important and vital component of the end product delivered by the organization. The success of the organization in future will be ensured by the same and that too, in an accelerated manner, due turning capable of delivering quality education and skill development, as per expectations of society. Till date the same faculty member has silently brought the same to the notice of concerned authorities but they have tuned deaf. Despite of having been asked by a prudent top executive of the Institution to clearly put the issue, so that same is resolved, the faculty member concerned has never initiated the issue, thinking that any transition may result in sufferings of its most vital stakeholders who happen to be the students. Thus, even without any application of external force (certainly the internal threats keep continuously being issued to cause a nervous breakdown) such act is being voluntarily adopted by her/him with a good intension of letting the organization achieve its task, even if it means, some material suffering to her/him in form of low wages getting paid to her/ him. The people, who happen to be in executive duty, despite of being aware, are not trying to correct the situation by themselves. If the same gets initiated by executives themselves, then the situation can be improved in an efficient manner and that too without creating any explosive or damaging situation. The situation is that nobody is attempting to act on the issue and is giving an impression to top executives of the Institution as everything very normal, maintained and routine.

1. Assuming that you happen to be the individual concerned, comment on situation as initiatives that you would like to initiate to control such issue.

2. Assuming that you happen to be the concerned executive, comment on situation as initiatives that you would like to initiate to control such issue.

Always Yours — As Usual — Saurabh Singh

Text: Philosophy-With Science and Beyond Science

With Science and Beyond Science

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